UK Car Market Round Up – 12 months to March 2010

  In the 12 months to the end of March 2010, UK New Car Registrations were up 197,383 (+10.2%), a striking turnaround from the same period last year, when they were down 517,775 units, 21.5% less than the year before. There is also some evidence that buyers confidence is returning and they are more willing to spend: the mainstream segment (+87,952) has been rising since February. However, the clear winner is the budget sector, up 93,235 (+68%) year on year, albeit it has dropped from its peakthree months out of four since November. For both the mainstream and the budget segments, the UK Scrappage Scheme played a large part in their growth, accounting for 273,885 units, 13% of the total. Without the scheme sales would have fallen 4% on the previous year. The second half of 2010 will tell if the market is sustainable after the scheme has closed. Fortunes for the premium and luxury segments have been more fragile. The premium market (+16,494) strengthened from September 09, but has lost ground since – but still up on the previous year. The luxury sector has only rallied since December. 

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