About LGA

We are a consultancy practice specialising in the retail motor industry with experience in cars, trucks, vans and motor-cycles, both wholesale and retail, in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. We focus on two important levers of growth: Sales and Customer Service for front-line and support staff and Management Skills and Profitability for all levels in the management team.

Strengthen your position with your most important customer groups

Sales and Customer Service:

We create bespoke training to deliver practical sales and customer skills, tailored to the needs of all retail automotive staff - sales, service and parts, from trainers you can trust. Our programmes empower your staff to build long term customer relationships in each market you serve and build their own service delivery skills.

Our range of projects goes beyond staff training. For example, we can deliver a survey-based, on-site programme to improve retail staff Customer Satisfaction results; carry out on-site sales team assessments in your market; and complete discreet competitor reports identifying the relative position of dealers in a specific market. And, of course, much more besides.

How to improve your operational effectiveness and maximise profitability

Operational Effectiveness and Profitability: We focus on three ingredients to improve performance: Benchmarking to understand where you are now; Business Objectives to clarify where you want to go; and short-term Operational Planning to bridge the gap. We use a wide range of templates to classify the business, the market and the management and these provide the basis for tailor-made training or on-site consultancy to implement the plans.

We have worked with a range of vehicle manufacturers, importers, retail groups and individual dealers on a diverse portfolio of programmes in different markets. For example, we have:  Assessed the SME corporate market potential in  a range of  middle east markets;  Created a used car marketing programme for a prestige brand; Trained the entire field and retail management staff of a leading marque in Business Planning and Financial Skills; Localized the entire management training portfolio for a prestige brand in the middle east; Assessed all existing dealers for a manufacturer's dealer development programme; Delivered an on-site Used Car operations consulting service for a UK brand; Contributed to strategy development for the main board of a UK Motor Retail Plc. And, much more besides.

Our Team

Many consulting teams are staffed by clever individuals. But few ensure that all of their team have hands-on, practical industry experience. All consultants in our network have retail or wholesale motor retailing expertise as well as extensive experience of consultancy, audit, project management and training. How else could we really be specialists?