Business Benchmarking

Automotive retailers have a wide range of business information on how they compare to their competitors – dealer composites, market registration data, customer satisfaction index data, dealer standards audit results and so on. Our approach is to provide insight into this data using globally-accepted business templates agreed with the client. Most companies are familiar with PEST and SWOT analysis but less comfortable using strategic assessment tools, such as BCG, Market Position Maps and Critical Success Factors.

We are experienced in gathering the information and presenting it in a way that is relevant to your business for Strategic Analysis, Competitor Advantage, Strategic Options and Organization Design. If you would like to explore how our skills might assist you more, let us meet.

Management Benchmarking

Setting a strategic destination does not guarantee success on the journey. Success is dependent on the management team, the priorities they set and their ability to execute each component of the overall strategy. Our method gives insight into the way that key sub-strategies such as marketing, service quality and operational performance are implemented.

We agree with you which widely accepted frameworks we will use to give you a map of the progress that your team are achieving with all of your stakeholders and key result areas. Expect the unexpected when working with us. Interested…. Give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss how we might be able to help.