Digital and Social Media for Car Dealers Part 1: The Digital Landscape


This mini e-book guides an automotive retail manager through the maze of digital and social media. Part 1 provides an introduction to digital and social media and why it's important. That part is free. Parts 2 – 4 are paid content  and cover digital strategy, digital content and metrics using automotive retail examples and references.


Commentators, experts and pundits have made clear that digital has altered the purchase journey of new and used car buyers forever. Buyers in every market, mature or developed, begin their product search online, not by reading a newspaper or magazine. But, while this is self-evident, many car dealers have struggled to create a digital presence that delivers a loyal community of visitors who become buyers. Many managers within the industry have yet to bridge the gap between traditional advertising and the posts, comments, tweets and photos of the new media. They know it can deliver results, but are unsure how they should do it for themselves. This series of posts is a primer, an introduction, for car dealers and other automotive professionals on how to be successful in the fast moving digital arena.


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