Steering an independent UK motor group: Part 1. Survival and success

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Stop Press! Medium sized independent motor groups out-perform large PLC’s during the recession. Not much new there. They often do. Many independents, particularly established family owned dealer groups, certainly are surviving this recession, measured between 2007 and 2010, What is less well known is why. That’s not to say that all of them survived. A number of established family-owned dealer groups ceased trading or were significantly reduced in size. But not only did many survive, some actually prospered.  Which begs two questions: why did many independent groups do better than larger PLC’s and why did some out-perform their peers? If you study the AM100 and the Sunday Times’ Fast Track 250 it’s evident that the ingredients for survival are different from the ingredients  for success for medium-sized, independent motor groups. Many are survivors; fewer are successes. So what makes a survivor?

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Steering an independent motor group: Part 2. From Regional to National

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Managing A Motor Group

Successful independent or family based motor groups pass through three stages: Formation of a stable business; alignment with a manufacturer to achieve control of a region; and either dominance of the region or adding a new one
But a few manage to get beyond this stage, heading towards the national market.
To achieve success they need a clear strategy and vision, relationships with a broad range of partners and a management infrastructure.
But above all, they need a restless and relentless senior management to drive the process through
This post looks at three companies doing it: Stoneacre, Johnson Cars and Toomeys

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