Key Account Management

Managing Corporate Accounts Profitably

Managing the fact that only 20% of our accounts deliver 80% of our profits lies at the heart of Key Account Management. Effective Corporate Sales Managers analyse and classify their accounts and then implement an individual account plan to develop the business relationship. At the foundation level the goals of an account plan are simple: convert prospects to customers and convert small volume customers to larger volume customers. At the strategic level account plans are more complex: it recognises that you have limited sales resources so classify customers in terms of their long-term potential and invest accordingly. But while sales volume and growth is the metric, it is not the method. That is relationship-building.

We help corporate account managers to organize their thinking about where to invest their effort as well as how to invest it. If you think that your business to business approach already employs this type of clear thinking, the world is your oyster. If not, contact us and we'll discuss how we might help your corporate team.

BUS Programme

Challenges in the Corporate Market

In 1995  no one in the corporate and fleet market had a website. Not dealer groups, not leasing companies, not even manufacturers. By 2005, fuel consumption and emissions were central  issues in all but a few developing markets. Now they are just a couple in a range of fleet decision factors high up the fleet operators agenda. By 2015 telematics and multiple fleet acquisition and operation models had arrived, consigning simple outright fleet ownership to history. In the next decade new challenges join those already in of the landscape - the connected car, uncertain residual values, radical changes to car technology and, perhaps, even autonomous driving cars.


The BUS Programme

We keep in mind that there are enduring driver and fleet operator needs where cheapest is not necessarily best and service counts for a great deal. That is the basis for our BUS Programme framework. The Business User  Sales programme focuses on the small and medium enterprise  business segment. Professionals and growth-oriented smaller businesses who want to focus on their core activities, not managing cars. So, if your team already have a clear vision to offer them and a disciplined approach to delivering it, opportunities abound. And, if they don't, contact us and we'll develop one with you.