If you want an independent expert to take a look at your used car operation on the ground, armed with a clear idea of how the best run their businesses, able to carry out a proper in-depth audit and give you and the team a practical report that you can act on, then this is the programme for you. The Used Car Blueprint look at every stage of buying, stocking and selling used cars - carefully and in detail - and gives you and your team an unbiased report on how your operation can be developed to match the industry's best. Contact us to learn more.


The internet, social media and ‘we buy any car’ websites have revolutionised used car marketing in the last decade. Used car buying is national, so too is pricing. Depending on their segment the customer is persuaded by social media influencers as much as local press advertising or reputation. The number of tools that a used car operation has at its operation has widened, not narrowed. In a nutshell, used car marketing decisions have become more complex. So, if you need to sharpen your team’s used car marketing analysis, broaden their skill-set or simply widen their horizons, contact us.


Why does a gap exist between the aspirations and actual performance of so many franchised retailers in used cars? Most have access to a manufacturer's 'approved used car' programme which often provide some excellent tools for creative merchandising, effective advertising and used car preparation. But, between the manufacturer's branded programme and the satisfied customer lies a very large arena of used car management - where as many obstacles lurk as do opportunities for success. So, if you want a programme to help your people bridge the gap, contact us. We'll be very pleased to help.