Automotive Digital 4 : Smart Cities, AR, VR, Robotics and Additive Manufacturing

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Motor industry managers face a steep learning curve wherever they work in the automotive supply chain. Their industry faces a wide ranging knowledge and business process transformation at a swift pace so they all face two challenges. The first is to understand the capabilities of leading edge digital technologies; the second is to deploy them to create new, sustainable competitive advantages. The supply chain will change significantly and so will all of the traditional roles. Profits will leak from traditional activities to new ones. New partnerships will emerge and tomorrow’s business formats will be very different from today’s. This series of posts introduces the digital tools that everyone needs to comprehend if they are to build a sustainable new business model, wherever they are located in the automotive supply chain.

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Part 1.Eden or New Jerusalem: Politicians, the motor industry and the climate emergency

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Climate Emergency

Politicians, climate scientists and activists, certain that they have special knowledge about the world that demands urgent, focused attention, turn to increasingly loud, scary, and simplistic solutions to the task of transitioning to a carbon-neutral economy to avoid further global warming. While they seek to re-engineer society to force broad changes in consumption and production patterns in the name of such meaningless slogans as “climate emergency” or”net-zero by 2025″, qualified engineers and scientists are solving the tough questions that will allow the world to actually make the changes required. Behind the noise, there is a clash of philosophies. On the one hand, there are those who wish to return to an-earlier, simpler life. They would like to convince the world to embrace a journey to a new version of the ‘Garden of Eden’. The scientists, engineers and managers have a very different destination in mind – a New Jerusalem, where sophisticated technical solutions master the global warming challenge. This first post draws distinctions between the two views. The second looks at the progress that the technologists have made and asks whether the politicians and activists have even taken a look.

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