Assessment Centres

Naturally enough, the idea of attending an assessment centre can raise personal concerns for individual managers, especially those with who have learned their skills 'on the job' through practical experience rather than formal education. Performing well is a result of preparation and practice.

Assessment centres usually last between one or two days and participants are expected to handle a range of individual and team exercises under close observation. These may include case study analysis and presentation, team problem-solving, aptitude and psychometric tests, role plays and interviews – to name just a few.

Interested to review or improve your skills or those of your team? Contact us and you can get access to a wide range of information and examples directly focused on content linked to assessment centres for automotive wholesale and retail.


At least we all have experience of interviews, don’t we? Video interviews, telephone interviews, competency-based interviews, strengths-based interviews. And, interviews are rarely ‘stand-alone’ events. They are coupled with tests – aptitude, psychometric, critical thinking and numerical reasoning among others.

In recent years the range and structure of interviewing has widened a lot and successful candidates have to be prepared for all approaches. Contact Us if you want to improve your chances of success at automotive industry interviews.

Resources Centre

The key to success in job selection is preparation and practice. Candidates who have already seen and practised a test, selection method or type of case are more successful than those with limited knowledge or familiarity.

Our on-line resource centre gives access to a wide selection of guidance and practice material to develop your skills in handling a wide range of selection methods. Contact Us to arrange access.